Monday, October 11, 2010

SEW Crafty: Glass etching

Glass etchings I have made! (please note, my photography skills are not the best, so trying to get the lighting right on glass was not easy for me, so these aren't the best pictures ever, but it should get the point!) Here is what I have made so far:

an oval with the first letter of our last name, K:

my sorority letters on a fish bowl with the beta fish:

another view of the fish bowl:

another view of the "k"

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The office corner...

Here is my almost all organized half of the office, but this is only one corner, I will have to add another picture of the finished project soon. My husband realized how much stuff I have and said I should take a corner of the office, which quickly turned into OVER half of it :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

SEW Crafty: Embroidery and SEWING things

Here they are!

Pictures of the things I have embroidered and sewed! (so far, haha)

Half birthday onesie I embroidered and appliqued:

Hooded towel with my babys name:

 bathroom towels:

close up of a towel:

wash cloth:

the "half birthday" onsie attempt #1:

the adult Memphis fleece blanket and my babys fleece Memphis blanket I sewed:

The matching onesie and burp cloth I made with our sons nickname on it:

some onesies I embroidered and appliqued:

my babys Memphis burp cloths I sewed:

bib I embroidered:

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Friday, October 1, 2010

SEW Crafty: Fall decor and other around the house decor I have made

things I have made around the house and for fall:

family sign I made :)

in the hall way, just a close up of the "king" I made to go above a set of 4 pictures:

A little Fall color addition to my NON fall decorated house. I try, but I am way more into decorating for Christmas!

more candles with the fall decor ribbon:

With the cool weather, I love to open the windows, but got annoyed they wont stay in place with the wind, so I made my own curtain holders:

A fall wreath I put together! My first :)


            apparently, one of my dogs wanted to get in the middle of the decor to add to the wreath:


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SEW Crafty: Pictures of things I have done in my Baby's room

OK! I have FINALLY added pictures of a few of the things I have made for my baby's room! Here we go!

painted the frame, painted and added the monogram:

This is a quote my Dad and I used to always say, I do plan on adding more to it soon, like a border or something:

His name blocks I made by hand:

where it sits on his hutch...by his memphis tigers stuffed animal :)

I made the Peace. Love. Baby, and put it above the mat board pictures:

a close up:

I made this crown, because his daddy and daddy's brother both have a family tattoo of a crown with their name in the middle, so until Jaxon is old enough, this will be like his crown tattoo too:

My hubby and I did the name on the wall:

I made the "happy half birthday Jaxon" sign for his "half birthday" party

Close up of one of the letters from the sign I made:

close up of what was on the end of the sign

Much MUCH more projects to come! 

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