Monday, November 29, 2010

Sew Crafty: Ornaments

Glass ornaments I made either painted, glass etched, personalized, or some combination of all!

UT ornament I painted with a marble kind of look and added "the T" to for my brother

                                                      Go Tigers Go I made for us!

Kind of hard to see on camera, but I glass etched "U of M"

Mini glass ornament I painted to have the marble look, and personalized for some best friends of ours!

Glass etched our last name!

My babys ornament I painted with the marble look and added his name! Kind of hard to see though, again, I am not a photographer! :)

I painted with the marble look, and added the name for sweet Lynlee and our ornament exchage with my little man and our Mom's group

I painted this one solid and added my hubby and I monogram

This is the back side of the previous ornament I made to show what the "marble" painted looks like on the other side

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  1. Everything looks so cute...I am super jealous of your craftiness.

    You got another follower :)

  2. Aw haha, you are too sweet! Thanks girl! :)